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Winter Shred- Suzanne Galluzzo-Best of You


Winter Shred Best of You Program

All juices are Sue Approved.

Typically done once a week while on the Shred portion of Suzanne Galluzzo Best of You Program.

Great for anyone doing intermittent fasting, who is physically active, and wants to reset the gut while getting the most out of their intermittent fasting protocol.

Helps reduce sugar cravings, aids and improves sleep and digestive function.



1. Rise and rind (Expiry: 5 days)

2. I'm celery and I know it (Expiry: 4 days)

3. You spinach me right round (Expiry: 4 days)

4. Aloe shot

5. Igingerx (Expiry: 6 days)

6. The Skinny (Expiry: 10 days)

7. Bon Sip broth of your choice 500ml (chicken, vegan, beef)


Six juices per day placed in sequence to be had throughout the day with water after each juice, and or detox teas

Includes booster shot 

Winter Shred- Suzanne Galluzzo-Best of You


Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Elizabeth Wademan
the best cleanse in Toronto

I love this cleanse so much that I do it every few weeks. It is energizing, delicious and delivery to my doorstep makes it very easy. LOVE iT!!!

Sondra Manchisi


Stephanie Smyth
Loved it!!

This is the perfect way to re-set! Totally does the trick and leaves you feeling great!

Kathy Ciapanna

Amazing juices!

dorinda diSabatino
So satisfying

Every bottle is labeled in the order to drink them. Each bottle is refreshing and so tasty. Satisfied all day!