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Shred -Broth and Juice Cleanse- Best of You

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Broth and Juice Winter Shred Best of You Program 

Gut Reset.

All broths and juices are Sue Approved.

Typically done once a week while on Shred Best of You program. 

Great for anyone doing intermittent fasting, focused on digestion, energy and weight loss.

For best results do for 3 days in a row.

All broths are meant to be heated on the stove. Please avoid microwaving broth.


1. Bon Sip 500ml broth of your choice (beef, vegan, turkey fodmap, DJC chicken)

2. I'm celery and I know it (Expiry: 4 days)

3. Sweet greens (Expiry: 6 days)

4. Aloe Shot 

5. You Spinach Me Right Round  (Expiry: 4 days

6. )The Skinny (Expiry: 10 days)

7. Bon Sip 500ml broth of your choice (beef, vegan, turkey fodmap, DJC chicken)

Heat broth on the stove and transfer to a mug or travel mug.

Have water in between each juice. 

100% Organic Ingredients
Bottled in Glass
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lisa Husar

Love it! So delicious

Pat D
Shred-Broth and Juice Cleanse-Best of You

I am new to cleanses and this was a fantastic introduction. I felt great, the broths and juices were delicious and the staff was super helpful and informative. I will be doing this again and again. I highly recommend not only this cleanse and the Drink Juice Co!.

Helen W.
First Juice Cleanse - I loved it!

This was my first juice cleanse and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoyed all the juices and broths. I felt quite satisfied and my energy felt quite consistent throughout the day. I had just recovered from being sick the week before and the juice cleanse was a perfect way for me to nourish my body. The customer service was wonderful and I truly appreciated having all my questions answered as a first-time customer. I highly recommend the juice & broth cleanse!

Tracy Trudell
Could not have been better

Totally loved - had never done a juice cleanse before and was better than I had imagined- will totally order again and look forward to the next visit. Oh and staff was amazing the day I was in - very informative and knowledgeable- thanks again

Lorraine Plessas
Drink Juice Is The Fountain Of Youth!

This has been an amazing experience! I suffer from some serious gut issues & I felt literally 90%+ better so far and it’s been only 2 weeks! Bloat is virtually gone!! I am beyond happy!