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Schinoussa Vanilla Whey Protein Powder

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The protein in Schinoussa Probiotic Grass Fed New Zealand Protein is the cleanest protein available there is. No hormones, or antibiotics of any kind are used on New Zealand grass fed cattle. Schinoussa use whey isolate to eliminate all sugars, fats, carbs and lactose, then add 8 strains of Canadian probiotics 5 billion CFU. This makes Schinoussa's formula the easiest to digest, absorb and utilize for many benefits. Enjoy lean muscle gains, reduced waistline, improved immune function and energy with a delicious taste.

Protein is the most vital macronutrient for when it comes to muscle growth and repair, as without it, protein synthesis wouldn’t be possible, which means that we wouldn’t be able to synthesize new muscle proteins. Schinoussa protein is infused with probiotics to enhance digestive gut health, immune function and overall optimal health. This one of a kind formula consists of 13 billion probiotics from 8 human stains that is added to whey isolate

100% Organic Ingredients
Bottled in Glass
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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great protein for smoothies

I love this brand. I have been looking for a vanilla protein that doesn't have an aftertaste of coconut. I buy both vanilla and chocolate for smoothies and to ad to oatmeal. It dissolves well in both. A quality product and I have tried many brands over the years.

Denise East

I love this protein powder, especially mixing it with my oatmeal for breakfast. It tastes great, is very light, and works great in my coffee and smoothies.

Favourite protein powder ever!

It’s very simple, this stuff tastes great without the garbage other protein powders have. I use it EVERYDAY in a fabulous matcha latte, with Nutrilixir (which has changed my life) if you don’t know it google it!, along with mct, and Nadia’s greens powder. It is like a warm vanilla and cinnamon hug to start the day! My whole family uses it for smoothies, etc. it’s delicious and has all the good stuff in it!