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Schinoussa Natural Whey Protein Powder

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New Zealand protein is the cleanest protein available. No hormones, antibiotics of any kind are used on NZ grass-fed cattle. We use whey isolate to eliminate all sugars, fats, carbs and lactose, then add 8 strains of Canadian probiotics 5 billion CFU. This makes our formula the easiest to digest, absorb and utilize for many benefits. Enjoy lean muscle gains, reduced waistline, improved immune function and energy with a delicious taste. easily dissolves in water and great in smoothies.

100% Organic Ingredients
Bottled in Glass
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Customer Reviews

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Mira Metter
Perfect protein powder

It’s a really good healthy and clean product that is amazing is smoothies, baking, oats, puddings, you name it. It brings the perfect level of vanilla flavour but not at all with an artificial taste. Definitely recommend!