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Flu Tonic - 8oz


Our immunity juices are made to help enhance our body's ability to naturally fight off viruses and pathogen. Filled with antibacterial and antiviral vegetables and herbs, we like to think of these juices as our immunity superheros. Perfect for the common cold and people with suppressed immune systems.


  • Strengthen Immune system
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti Viral

Organic Ingredients:

  • Honey
  • Lemon
  • Ginger
  • Turmeric 
  • Black Pepper

Expiration: 7 days

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Rola Turk


    Cathy Liotine
    Flu Tonic

    It tastes amazing! Would definitely recommend if you’re feeling under the weather’

    julia rajtek

    My top 3! It tastes delicious, and the benefits are superb. You feel the juice doing it's job.

    Toni Mamone
    Flu tonic

    Very good! I like taking it in the morning as I am starting my day. It has a little heat but I love the taste of it. A staple each week!!

    Loretta Gundic
    Ok, I think I may just die for flu tonic!!

    This drink blows my mind. Really and truly. Sorry, but have to say, I may be slightly addicted. There is something amazingly unique about the flavours of turmeric, pepper and ginger combined...I tell ya, it's a must order each week, and if I for some reason think to give another juice I haven't tried, a chance, and not order the tonic one week, I am telling you....I miss it terribly!! It is a must drink beverage! A now 'staple' in my home!! Great job on this one Nadia!! 🤸‍♀️😉❤️