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Turkey FODMAP Bone Broth

Turkey FODMAP Bone Broth

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Our delicious bone broth is slow simmered for over 24 hours. Made from turkey raised on a Mennonite farm, hormone and antibiotic free, along with carefully selected organic vegetables, herbs and spices, to create a gentle FODMAP sipping bone broth.

Potential Benefits Known To:

- Aid in the management of IBS
- Reduces Inflammation
- Support a Healthy Digestive System
- Helpful in controlling the release of sugar into the blood
- Rich Source of Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory Compounds

Turkey bones raised without antibiotics, organic carrots, organic rosemary, organic thyme, organic parsley, organic goji berry, organic ginger, organic sage leaves, Celtic sea salt, organic apple cider vinegar, organic astragalus, organic codonopsis, organic turmeric, organic neem, organic lemon balm, organic olive leaf

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