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Our meal prep subscriptions include all-organic meals delivered every Tuesday and Friday. With a focus on digestion and the interplay between micro and macronutrients, these plans are designed to optimize a healthy lifestyle through nutrient dense, delicious foods.

Our menu is carefully designed by Chef Marianne Pinellis with only fresh, organic ingredients that follow food combining rules.

Being  part of your healthy lifestyle is important to us. We are now offering organic meal prep that is delivered on Tuesday and Friday evenings.

The focus behind our meals is digestion, micronutrients while paying close attention to our macronutrients, like everything we do here at Drink Juice Co as that is what we are most passionate about. 

Nadias clinical practice is focused on optimizing her clients digestion with food, exercises to stimulate the vagus nerve, while using minimal supplements.  These meals are inline with her teachings. if you have more severe digestive issuses adding our house made juices like aloe shots, aloe-ha aloe water, i'm celery and i know it, bon sip broth, wheatgrass and the skinny are great additions to your healing process.

Our extremely talented Chef Marianne Pinellis makes everything from scratch, from our spice mixes, to herb dressings to guarantee the most nutrient dense flavourful meals.  With her help, we follow food combining rules, never using anything boxed or packaged while sourcing the best quality proteins in the city.

We are looking forward to buying local produce when the seasons allow us to.

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